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                              【產品簡介】無軸螺旋輸送機 無軸螺旋輸送機采用了無中心軸、吊軸承設計,與傳統有軸螺旋輸送機相比,具有一定柔性的整體鋼制螺旋推送物料,具有一定的抗纏繞性,一定程度上減低物料堵塞現...



                                  無軸螺旋輸送機 用于污水處理廠輸送中細格柵其柵條凈距50mm的除污機柵渣和壓濾機泥餅等物料。 環保性能好。采用全封閉輸送和易清洗的螺旋表面,可保證環境衛生和所送物料不受污染、不泄漏。 扭距大、能耗低。由于螺旋無軸,物料不易堵塞,排料口不堵塞,因而可以較低速度運轉,平穩傳動,降低能耗。扭距可達4000N/m。輸送量大。輸送量是相同直徑傳統有軸螺旋輸送機的1.5倍。輸送距離長。單機輸送長度可達60米。并可根據用戶需要,采用多級串聯式安裝,超長距離輸送物料。能機動工作。我公司開發生產的移動型無軸螺旋輸送機,能機動工作,一機多用。既可下方出料,又可端頭出料。采用特制襯板,該機可在高溫下工作。結構緊湊,節省空間,外型美觀,操作簡便,經濟耐用。
                              Product overview
                                 Shaftless screw conveyor Used in sewage treatment plants conveying fine screen its net bars from 50 mm decontamination machine grid slag and filter press mud cake or other materials.Environmental protection performance is good.The fully enclosed flow of spiral surface and easy to clean, can ensure that the environmental health and the material is not polluted, and not leak.High torque, low energy consumption.As there is no shaft screw, the material is not easy to jam, discharging mouth not jam, thus it can be a low speed running, stable transmission, reducing energy consumption.Torque of 4000 n/m.Bue.Throughput is 1.5 times that of the traditional have same diameter shaft screw conveyor.Long conveying distance.Single machine conveyor length up to 60 meters.And can according to user needs, the multi-stage tandem installation, long distance conveying material.Able to work motor.My company development and production of mobile shaftless screw conveyor, mobile work, multi-usage.As well as the discharging, can end up the material.Adopt special plate, the machine can work at high temperature.Compact structure, save a space, beautiful shape, easy operation, economy is durable.



                              Shaftless screw conveyor is mainly composed of drive device, the head assembly, chassis, shaftless helicoid, tub liner, feeding port, discharging port, machine cap (when needed), base, etc.
                              Drive: the cycloidal wheel reducer or shaft mounted machine of decelerate of hard tooth surface gear, design should as far as possible when the drive is located in the discharging mouth side, make the helicoid when running a state of tension.
                              Head has thrust bearing assembly, when conveying material under axial force.
                              Chassis: the chassis for U or O type, upper and waterproof type machine cover, material has stainless steel or carbon steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic.
                              Shaftless helicoid: material is stainless steel or carbon steel.
                              Tub liner: material for wear plastic or rubber plate or cast slabs, etc.
                              Inlet and discharge port: there are square and round two, general inlet and discharging mouth form is decided by the user.


                                  螺旋輸送機具有結構簡單,制做成本低,密封性強、操 作安全方便等優點,中間可多點裝、卸料.廣泛用于化工、 建材、冶金、糧食等部門,在傾角β< 20 °的情況下,輸 送粘度不大、不易變質、不遑(來不及)結塊的粉狀、顆粒狀和小塊物料.
                                Screw conveyor is simple in structure, low making cost, convenient sealing capability, operations security, can more loading and unloading in the middle. Widely used in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, food and other departments, the inclination of beta < 20 °, lose viscosity is not big, not easy metamorphism, riches (too late) agglomerate powder, granular and small piece of material.


                              Shaftless screw conveyor can transport the traditional shaft screw conveyor and belt conveyor unable or difficult to transport materials, such as granular and powdered materials, wet and paste material, semiliquid and viscous material, easy to winding and plugging materials, materials with special hygiene requirements.The performance characteristics of shaftless screw conveyor is: shaftless screw conveyor shaft screw conveyor, compared with traditional because with no center shaft design, using the overall steel spiral push with a flexible material, thus has more prominent advantages, good environmental performance.Compared with a shaft screw conveyor, will reduce a lot of weight and cost.
                              1 >, good environmental performance.The totally enclosed and clean surface of the spiral can ensure your material is not contaminated by conveying material will not leak.
                              2 >, bue, throughput is 1.5 times with same diameter shaft screw conveyor.
                              3 >, large torque, low energy consumption, the discharging mouth is not blocked.
                              4 >, long transmission distance, single conveyor length can reach 60 to 70 m.
                              5 >, compact structure, save a space, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, economy is durable.


                              Shaftless screw conveyor leaf damage reason and solution
                              1 >, blade is too thin, because of lack of intermediate shaft shaftless screw conveyor, all stress points on the blade, so the thickness of the blade to practical use of the equipment has a very important influence.Choose an appropriate thickness of spiral vane, a direct impact on the use effect of shaftless screw conveyor.
                              2 >, blade pitch is too small, improper spiral pipe size.Transporting materials in powder or flake, often because of the small blade wheel base causes extrusion pressure is too large, direct damage blades, with the axis of rotation, again thick leaves also can produce a certain amount of damage.Another reason for pipe diameter is small, also can cause stress.Cause blade damage is serious.After the above two measures, at the same time can reduce the blade rotation speed.To achieve this effect.